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Democratic senators introduce bill taxing billionaires who are making large profits during the pandemic

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Several senators propose a bill to provide healthcare for all with money made by the 1 percent during the Covid-19 crisis.

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Progressive Democrat, BLM activist unseats long-time politician in Missouri Democratic Primary

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Almost six years ago, Cori Bush stood at the front lines of Ferguson protests over the police shooting death of Michael Brown. Now, she stands to be the first Black Lives Matter activist to win a congressional seat.

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Massive explosion in Downtown Beirut shakes city, killing dozens and wounding thousands

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According to the United States Geological Survey, the blast created seismic waves equivalent to that of a 3.3 earthquake. 

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Dozens dead, thousands injured in Beirut port blast

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A massive mushroom cloud formed after a deafening blast flattened Beirut’s port and blew out windows of apartment buildings miles away. Tonight, residents in Lebanon’s capital dig through carnage and debris.

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New Jersey COVID-related benefits total $12.4 billion in the past 19 weeks

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Last week’s final payment for the Federal Pandemic Unemployment Compensation (FPUC), showed New Jersey residents received more than a half-billion-dollars.

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Pelosi says talks on second stimulus package are ‘productive’

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With less than a week left before the US Senate’s August recess, Democrats say negotiations with Republicans on stimulus proposals are moving along, but still locking horns on key issues.

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#FREEGRACE campaign sparks conversation around race, gender and class for Black girls and the justice system

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Youth incarceration is a serious issue for Black girls. As is the case of Grace, a special needs high schooler who served months in a detention center after not completing online work during a pandemic. Lisa Durden gets into this issue on her podcast. 

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The hands behind our food | Photo + Story

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Behind every morsel of food are hands that cultivate the crops and culture to mold the methods that make them. In this photo story, we give face to those who harvest, cultivate and prepare food for the people.

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Life, Liberty & Happiness | Da World is a Gamble

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Da Gambling man’s comic, The World is a Gamble, explores the idea of “profit over people” during the coronavirus pandemic.

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