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The Artist Recreates the World series chats with photographer Ryan Arnez Monroe | Street Art Podcast

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In 2018, Brooklyn-based photographer, Ryan Arnez Monroe sold his modest-sized digs then moved to Newark. Since, he has been in reinvention mode in Newark’s ongoing revitalization.

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Introducing, The Man Project

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This was supposed to be a one-off piece about masculinity; a piece in response to the controversial Gillette ad that ran online a few weeks back and caused a digital uproar among a lot of men, conservative news outlets (here’s looking at you Fox News) and even some women.

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Political tensions increase as Venezuela scrambles to restore power in nationwide blackouts

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Massive power outages leave the country at a standstill while two of the most powerful political parties battle.

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First-term congresswoman, Rep. Ilhan Omar draws ire, support for questioning US-Israel ties

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Representative Ilhan Omar (D-MN) should be the face of the American Dream. She is an immigrant, African, woman, Muslim and outspoken. But, as much as she is celebrated, she is hated. As evidenced in the controversy surrounding her public questions around US support of Israel.

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UrAvgConsumer settles the score between Apple and Samsung with an ear candy showdown | Tech Talk

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Judner Aura of UrAvgConsumer, referees the battle royale between Pods and Buds in the Apple versus Samsung ear candy showdown.

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Carnaval in Brazil: The most spectacular festival in the world | Photo story

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  • Carnival-pasissta-Rio-Brazil-february-17-2018-Samba-School-perform-at-Marques-de-Sapucai-known-as-Sambodromo-for-the-Carnival-Samba-Parade-champions.jpg
  • Carnival-Float-RIO-DE-JANEIRO-Brazil-february-13-2018-Samba-school-parade-Imperatriz-Leopoldinense-during-the-2018-carnival-in-Rio-de-Janeiro-the-Sambodromo..jpg
  • Carnival-menses-0-Rio-Brazil-february-17-2018-Samba-School-perform-at-Marques-de-Sapucai-known-as-Sambodromo-for-the-Carnival-Samba-Parade-champions.jpg
  • Carnival-RIO-DE-JANEIRO-Brazil-february-08-2016-Samba-school-parade-Salgueiro-during-the-2016-carnival-in-Rio-de-Janeiro-the-Sambodromo.-Baiana-wing.jpg
  • Carnival-Rio-de-Janeiro-Brazil-03032019-Foliões-parade-through-the-streets-of-the-neighborhood-of-Santa-Teresa-in-the-Besame-Mucho-block.jpg
  • Carnival-Rehearsal-Sao-Paulo-Feb-09-2019-Members-of-the-Dom-Bosco-Samba-School-take-part-in-the-rehearsal-for-the-upcoming-Sao-Paulo-Carnival-2019-at-the-Anhembi-Sambadrome..jpg
  • Carnival-drummers-Rio-Brazil-february-12-2018-Samba-School-Salgueiro-perform-at-Marques-de-Sapucai-known-as-Sambodromo-for-the-Carnival-Samba-Parade-competition.jpg
    Rio de Janeiro: February 12, 2018 - Samba school, Salgueiro perform at Sambodromo.
  • Carnival-Belo-HorizonteMGBrazil-March-3rd-2019-Carnaval-in-Brazil-Bloco-Beiço-do-Wando-BH-Minas-Gerais-Stat.jpg
    Belo Horizonte, Minais Gerais, Brazil: March 1 - Percussion ensembled, Bloco Beiço do Wando play at Belo Horizonte's big block party in the center square.
  • Carnival-Sao-Paulo-Feb-10-2019-Members-of-Albertinense-Samba-School-take-part-in-the-rehearsal-for-the-upcoming-Sao-Paulo-Carnival-2019-at-the-Anhembi-Sambadrome..jpg
  • Carnival-Rio-Brazil-march-01-2019-Alegria-da-Zona-Sul-during-the-Carnival-Samba-School-Carnival-RJ-2019-at-Sambodromo-.jpg
    Rio de Janeiro: March 1, 2019 - Alegira da Zona Sul during Samba school carnival in the Sambódromo.
  • Carnival-Sao-Paulo-Feb-21-2019-Members-of-Academicos-do-Tatuape-Samba-School-take-part-in-the-rehearsal-for-the-upcoming-Sao-Paulo-Carnival-2019-at-the-Anhembi-Sambadrome..jpg
  • Carnival-Sao-Paulo-Feb-03-2019-Members-of-Leandro-de-Itaquera-Samba-School-take-part-in-the-rehearsal-for-the-upcoming-Sao-Paulo-Carnival-2019-at-the-Anhembi-Sambadrome.-.jpg
  • Carnival-RIO-DE-JANEIRO-Brazil-february-08-2016-Samba-school-parade-Unidos-de-Vila-Isabel-during-the-2016-carnival-in-Rio-de-Janeiro-the-Sambodromo.-Flag-Bearer.jpg
  • Carnival-amba-drummer-at-a-carnival-block-party-in-the-city-centre-of-Rio-de-Janeiro-amongst-other-musicians-.jpg
    Rio de Janeiro: March 1, 2019 - Block party in the city centre draws ad hoc street drummers to keep the crowds partying.
  • Carnival-passista.jpg
  • Carnival-Rio-Brazil-february-12-2018-Samba-School-Beija-Flor-perform-at-Marques-de-Sapucai-known-as-Sambodromo-for-the-Carnival-Samba-Parade-competition.-Baiana-in-motion-Blur.jpg
  • Carnival-Rio-de-Janeiro-February-9-2018.-Parade-of-the-Samba-Schools-of-the-Special-Group-during-the-Carnival-of-Rio-de-Janeiro-considered-the-largest-carnival-in-the-world-in-the-Sambódromo.-.jpg
    Rio de Janeiro: February 9, 2019 - In the parade of Samba Schools, groups perform in the Sambódromo to get picked for the final showcase.
  • Carnival-Rio-de-Janeiro-RJ-Brazil-02-09-2016-Master-of-ceremony-and-flag-bearer-of-samba-school-Mangueira-performing-during-2016-carioca-Carnival-parade-along-the-Sambadrome.-.jpg

Every year, 2 million people trek to Rio de Janeiro to participate in the largest carnival celebration in the world.

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Arrest of white nationalist Coast Guard leads to Congressional officials letter of concern to DOD

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Four Congressional officials question how the Feds deal with extremists in the military after the arrest of Christopher Hasson, 49, a Coast Guard lieutenant who is being held for gun violations and illegal drug possession. It is believed that he is a white nationalist who was planning domestic terrorist attacks.

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Husband, stepdaughter stage panhandling killing

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Baltimore residents are rocked again when Keith Smith, and his daughter, Valeria Smith, were charged for the murder of Keith’s wife, Jacquelyn Smith.

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23 dead, dozens injured in Alabama tornado

in Crisis & Natural Disasters/Weather & Celestial Events by

Late winter weather catches parts of the country by surprise.

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Cultural imprints of New Orleans’ Mardi Gras | Photo story

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On Tuesday, New Orleans celebrates another Mardi Gras. However, the festival is more than a day of welcomed over-indugence, it is full of cultural memories, rituals and histories.

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