The World is a Gamble: Politics and hair meet at the coif roads | Comic Strip

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For people with curls and coil patterns in the hair, the way they style it has been a political dance at the coif-roads.

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New York Public Radio goes live in benefit

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Ark Republic is part of growing ecosystem of news media working outside of mainstream channels. That’s why we said, “hell yes” to an invitation from New York Public Radio (NYPR) to join them for their 2nd annual New York Public Radio LIVE at Brooklyn Bowl on Thursday.

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Protecting Florida’s Everglades turn local Indigenous nations into loudest environmental activists

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Centuries ago, the Miccosukee Nation were forced to migrate to the Everglades. Now, Indigenous environmental activists lead the call to protect it.

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Tackling climate change is not an option for the Carribbean insists CARICOM

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Caribbean leaders’ commitment to being at the forefront of addressing climate change is now a matter of their region’s survival. As extreme polarizing weather continues, the Caribbean becomes more vulnerable to future natural crisis and the environmental issues that they already face.

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Calls for reopening of cases belonging to Central Park Five prosecutor, Linda Fairstein, after movie unveils unethical law practices during high profile trial

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Linda Fairstein and a number of police officers made their careers from the Central Park Five case. Now, Fairstein has become the defendant amid questions of her practices in the high profile trial that sent innocent youth to jail.

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Win, lose or draw: Tezlyn Figaro files lawsuit against Our Revolution, says Black operatives faced issues during Bernie Sanders 2016 presidential bid | Watch

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Political and communication strategist, Tezlyn Figaro once served as National Director of Justice for the Bernie Sanders 2016 presidential campaign. In 2018, she says she was fired from Sanders surrogate organization, Our Revolution, for her staunch African American advocacy. Now she sues for wrongful termination and racial discrimination.

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Learning to cry is an important part of the journey to manhood | The Man Project

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A couple of weeks ago, my older son Noah asked me a question while I was dropping him off at school. It was a question that took me by surprise. “Dad, how come I’ve never seen you cry?”

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Entrepreneurs of color must create new business models says Kelly Burton | Video

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The racial wealth gap expands, and people like Kelly Burton, CEO of Founders of Color works to understand how entrepreneurs can close the gap.

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A plan to build a permanent school structure in Awash Kolati, powers an education revolution in a rural Ethiopian community

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The second story in a two-part narrative, the finale covers how the farming community of Awash Kolati rallied together to build a permanent school for their children. The initiative sparked more than they planned.

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Black spies played pivotal roles in the US Civil War

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Thousands of Blacks fought or helped in a number of subversive actions in the Civil War, but have never been formally recognized. In particular, Blacks in the service industry who provided critical intelligence to the Union Army. Here are some Blacks who contributed tremendously.

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