5 reasons why yin yoga is everything

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Yin yoga is a beast. You’ve got to try it.

1) You can turn up the volume—or not. “Go deeper, work harder, stretch more” makes sense some of the time but just downright silly other times. Yin yoga truly gives you options to sit still long enough so you can expand your awareness to move with wisdom in the poses.

2) No experience necessary—for realz. Most yin classes are suitable for everybody and every BODY and adjusted with modification and cool yoga toys (ie, props) to make it work for where you’re at. Truly suitable and sustainable for all phases and stages. Yeah I said it and I mean

3) Most poses are seated or reclined. I love this! This means that flowing through standing poses is off the table in order to methodically and slowly work intimately to create space/room in your body so you can move with greater freedom.

4) Long holds so the nervous system can chillax. Say, you’re making a delicious stew. You drop in all the deliciousness available to humankind, supreme ratios of savory delight are fully on deck. The pot is full of culinary magic. So what you do now? You let it simmer down, just like you do in yin poses. You set up the pose using structure, props, intention, and then let the breath light a flame that allows you to drop in, drop out, and vibrate higher. The connective tissues and the energetic channels are free to gently open and relax. It give you the feels.

5) Improves range of motion. Whether you got the arthur (as in “-itis”), or just plain old stiff, or want to increase your flexibility so you can move more efficiently in your more rigorous class, yin yoga is your best weapon and will serve you well. Add a warm room and it’s just delicious.

Kali Alexander is a yoga instructor, mom and wellness expert.

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