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We are Ark Republic. We are a media revolution.

We are dope.

We are the ones we have been waiting for.

We are a collective of people who work in different industries throughout the United States, but move and think globally.

We work to redirect the narrative and change the conversations of the nation that have too often, become divisive.

We grew tired of media in general, and news specifically, neglecting voices and ideas that provide a robust perspective of today’s dialogue.

We grew weary of deteriorating public engagement depicting certain people in warped tropes, while others were totally disregarded.

We saw that the dissemination and flow of information surged into a flood of toxic sludge that is hard to escape, leaving us sinking.

Consequently, we decided to wait no longer and build an Ark ushering in innovative and substantive stories; all the while, constructing a platform of productive interaction and discourse.

At Ark Republic, we explore topics and issues of the world using storytelling traditions from the Manding jali to the hip-hop emcee rocking a block party to elders speaking tall tales on a porch stoop.

Like every entity built from the ground up, we expand daily, we learn continuously, but we walk with determination to put together, bit by bit, in the words of Parliament Funkadelic, the mothership.

Be a part of history by investing in the future:

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Build with us,
Ark Republic Crew, the Arkitects
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  1. Congratulations Kaia, we need a media venue in which we can get various views on an issue.
    I wish you much success!! I will spread your site to my friends and associates!

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