Let’s talk about immigration, ‘shithole’ countries and a ‘shithole’ president

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Ever notice that nobody highlights the fact that the fastest growing racial demographic in America is Asian? Yes, it really is.

Even more interesting is that you never hear the anti-immigration crowd argue that we need to cut legal immigration because Asians are stealing jobs from Black people.

However, they do propose racist immigration policies arguing that said policies serve the interest of Blacks because if your racist policy “helps Black people,” there is no way that it can be racist.

Notice how they never insert white folks into the equation, though it serves the interest of whites, and feeds into white mythology of “others” thieving opportunities from hard working white folk?

The perpetual train-wreck currently pretending to be President of the United States, and Republican anti-immigration hardliners are currently using a racist lens to remove immigrants who migrate legally.

This is absurd as Donald Trump’s platform said he would remove those who are here without the proper documentation, yet he targets those who do.

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