Let’s talk about immigration, ‘shithole’ countries and a ‘shithole’ president


The Anti-Immigration Agenda

Earlier in 2017, the Republican anti-immigrant contingency and Trump introduced a proposal to reduce legal immigration by 50 percent.

By requiring applicants for permanent residency to be English-speaking and financially well off, closes the door of opportunity to the perceived undesirables.

Think about what this means. If you buy into this line of thinking, you’re either racist or an enabler of racism. Which either way, really ain’t a good look.

Nonetheless, this type of policy is to be expected by Donald Trump. Yes, it is racist. But look at who is beating the drum. That would be the guy who commends Native American war heroes then shits on them by calling a congressional official, Pocahontas.

Or the guy who loves taco bowls, but not Mexicans. Well, not all Mexicans – only the “bad hombre” types. You know, the ones who have made New Hampshire the “drug-infested den,” that it is currently. Yes, that guy.

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