Let’s talk about immigration, ‘shithole’ countries and a ‘shithole’ president


Immigration Isn’t the Problem

It is no surprise watching Trump introduce a racist immigration proposal – much like his Muslim Ban – to serve as “red meat” for his base. After all, surveys show that Trump’s white voters feel like they’re losing ground in America.

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Enter his proposed attack on affirmative action, and now, the reduction of legal immigrants.  In their eyes, making America white again is what greatness is about.

What they don’t know, however, is that such a policy is detrimental to the economy. But hey, who cares when there will be less black, brown, and yellow people breathing all that God-given American oxygen, right?

As an immigrant and someone who has written about immigration, I can tell you that immigration isn’t a problem. Immigrants aren’t stealing jobs; and, we damn sure aren’t living on welfare.

Like myself, many of us are tax-paying entrepreneurs and homeowners who positively contribute to the economy. The problem isn’t immigration, folks. Inarguably, the protection of the unearned privilege of whiteness, that is the problem.

*This think piece was originally published November 27, 2017. This is an updated version addressing Trump’s recent attack on specific immigrants.

Patrick Phillips is a current affairs and political guru. He’s kray kray too. But we love him anyway.

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