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Orange moons in Sicily

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Agriculture, and in particular, organic production of grapes, almonds, and durum wheat (the base for pasta) are the core of Sicily’s farming, but you cannot experience the Mediterranean culture on your palate until you eat an orange.

Located in southern Italy along with surrounding minor islands, it has a year-round mild climate. Because of the mild climate, Sicily can grow citrus fruits 10 months out of the year. With that, Regione Siciliana produces 50 percent of the island’s fruit.

Blood oranges here are a dark purple hue inside due to the volcanic soil. Lemons and limes are as big as grapefruits in the States. There are dozens and dozens of orange varietals…but what you want is the super sweet Vanilla Orange that…well, taste like vanilla.

Chef Cassandra Loftlin travels around the world digging into sumptuous dishes.

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