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Republican backers of blues destination plan to replicate Antebellum South

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In Cleveland, Mississippi, a town in the Delta, Donald Trump Jr. and Eric Trump, sons of the POTUS, unveil a luxury, four-star hotel brand called, Scion, a building designed to replicate an antebellum plantation.

Three other hotels renovated, two Comfort Inns and a Rodeway Inn, will also be used in a venture to create an attraction that taps into blues enthusiasts who travel to the area to visit sites and juke joints where the musical genre, blues, originated.

Cleveland, Miss. is a mostly black, unemployed and poor town; and it is ground zero for segregated schools that still exist. There is a white version of its school system that receives a bulk of the resources, while the black schools struggle. Just this year, a district judge forced Cleveland Public Schools to adhere to desegregation rules passed in the 1950s.

The town expects that the blues destination will generate more low-wage employment. The Trumps negotiated seven years of city and county tax breaks.

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