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Fragile economy force seniors to get creative

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The growing costs of healthcare and living expenses force many elders and retirees to enter back into the economy; however, age and limited physical abilities narrow the ways in which they can make money.

Trends see seniors using the sharing economy of hosting to supplement retirement income. AirBnB, the popular private short-term renting, hospitality service reports an increase of hosts 50 years and older in Europe and America.

For seniors who cannot retire nor afford housing, living a nomadic lifestyle becomes the option. A rising trend in senior life are traveling groups of retirement-aged people migrating around the U.S. working at temporary or seasonal jobs.

The gender wage gap leaves many career women without family or spousal support in dire situations; thus showing a rise in single senior women creating collectives to sustain in a growing anti-senior climate. Now that the news tax bill passed, seniors living off of meager pensions and social security will feel grave affects.

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