Ooh baby I like it raw: 4 benefits of oysters

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Let’s talk about the benefits of oysters, whether eaten raw, grilled, seared, fried or as soup base, there is a way to consume and give back to earth:

1. Oyster shells make excellent compost and used as fertilizer for gardens

2. Oysters in garden patches are buried to keep moles and other rodents who create complex underground systems, away from your produce.

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3. Oyster shells are used to rebuild coastlines around the world. Oyster shell walls are used in Alabama, North Carolina, New Orleans and New York to replenish destroyed or overdeveloped shores

4. The meat of oysters contains vitamin E and C. 5. And yes, they are an aphrodisiac because of the high contents of zinc. In cases of impotence in men, low zinc levels are recorded, thus eat away … the oysters.

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  1. Oyster are some of the healthiest foods people can eat. These benefits include the ability of oysters to aid weight loss attempts, boost metabolic activity, increase tissue repair and growth, lower your cholesterol levels, reduce blood pressure, improve your immune functions, aid in wound healing, and promote healthy growth.

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