Southern California county fights wildfire

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Southern California wildfires rage through Ventura County, searing 50,000 acres.

In early fall, northern California burned leaving billions of dollars in damage. With 17 fires igniting in 24 hours, the state pulled firefighters throughout the state, and even enlisted the help of incarcerated women and men who were paid $1 a day.

Once firefighters extinguished the last flame, more than 14,000 homes were damaged or destroyed and over 700 728 commercial property losses, including multi-family buildings and apartments.

On the east coast of the United States, you have periods of snow. In West Africa, there is rainy season, but summer and fall are wildfire season in California.

The annual wildfires have become normal in the golden state, but causes point to human-made behaviors. Years of chronic drought, climate change and overdevelopment of the area are some of the key causes.

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