Mike Edwards, CEO AIREYYS

Britain’s first black-owned cigar line

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Between daily trainings as a professional athlete and formulating his own beard oil, Mike Edwards hand-rolls cigars for his company, AIREYYS, the first black-owned cigar line in England.

Born in Manchester, reared in Florida, the Afro-Brit gentlemen indulges in few things—his beard, his suits, his workouts and his cigars—all making a signature lifestyle line catering to gentleman culture that intersects Africa, Europe and the US.

Edwards started formulating AIREYYS when he decided to grow and groom a proper beard. He picked up the habit of being dandy and debonair from his step-father who occasionally styles his face with a goatee.

From there, The Dark Horse was born, a beard oil catering to men with thick, curly beards.

The cigars were an organic extension of his beard oil, as the high jumper ranked No. 6 in England, he loves to smoke high-quality rolled stogies. So he studied hand-rolling cigars in New York City, and launched his online company, Aireyys.com.


It took Edwards five years and three universities just to get a 4 year degree, so the alpha-male welcomes the challenge of disrupting the face of gentlemen culture in the UK; and more importantly, ownership of a leisure past time.

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