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Educator diversity is low in NYC; a nationwide issue

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Educator diversity in New York City schools is disturbingly low says The Educator Trust-New York.

According to the organization, Latino and Black students represent 43 percent of New York State’s K-12 enrollment, yet only 16 percent of the state’s teachers are Latino or Black.

The U.S. Department of Education points out that this is an issue throughout the country. A 2016 report showed that 82 percent of elementary and secondary educators were white, and 77 percent of new principals were white.

Findings reveal hopeful educators drop off the university-to-classroom-pipeline during attempts to successfully complete certification programs, and passing school district tests to be a teacher, along with teacher retention.

Programs seen with the most success for black and Latino students are Historically Black Colleges and Universities and non-traditional post-secondary programs that are more diverse in candidate population, as well as instructors.

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