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Equal employment opportunity commission goes digital, finally

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The Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) receives about 10,000 complaints annually. Up until recently, processing claims were by phone calls, in-person office visits and snail mail, which created a backlog in the tens-of-thousands.

With the onslaught of sexual misconduct reports, the federal government announcing that it is going digital provides some relief for claims handlers and those who file.

This year, the agency began chipping away at the files 60,000-plus by implementing a “digital charge system” in which those who file do so via an online questionnaire. Before it was through traditional mail or some form of interpersonal communication.

The new online component also allows workers to make appointments with investigators, giving those who file, more control and transparency in the process.

With the end of net neutrality, it is to be determined how filing complaints online can still be effective.

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