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The WiFi is meh. The crowded streets spin you around. But in Morocco, the food is complex and sumptuous.

On a warm North African day, I decided to dive into a Moroccan salad served cold with lots of bread on the side.

 The ingredients, a blend of farm-fresh tomatoes spiced with herbs and lettuce with a side of fresh chickpeas brought sighs. Seems simple, yet the evidence of Morocco as spice central emerged in this refreshing meal.

Bits of herbs and aromatic flavors shocked me. Garlic, salt and an interesting pepper I never tasted.


Eating Clean

There is no such thing as organic food in Morocco because it is all natural.

In between slurps, my palate thanked the profound earthiness of the food. Used to GMO-fish DNA Roma tomatoes that would be so hard that you could play handball with a fellow chef, I enjoyed the nuanced characteristics of a salad.

Still, Morocco sits at the center of trade between Africa, Asia, Europe and the Mediterranean. As a result, it is a mixture of several continents along with standing on traditions of the Andalusian, Berber and Subsaharan influences.

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