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Teach love, not hate

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Parental alienation is more common than assumed and has devastating effects.

Children of divorced or separated parents are often manipulated to hate the other. A parent who does this endangers the mental and emotional health of their child. It risks them growing up with low self-esteem, lacking trust, and depression.

In 1985, psychiatrist Richard Gardner coined the term “parental alienation,” as behavior he saw in children trapped in the middle of custody battles. He noticed parents who manipulated children into showing unwarranted fear, disrespect or hostility towards another parent so that they could pick sides.


As well, parents who participated in alienation, denigrated the other parent’s extended family and friend.

The person who ends up losing is the child who is often torn between parents.

Hatred is not natural it is taught.

Amara Brown focuses on health and mommy news.

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