Liberal ‘carpet baggers’ storm Alabama in last ditch effort for senate race

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This past weekend, popular U.S. Senator Cory Booker stomped through Alabama to increase voter support for Democrat candidate Doug Jones.

Jones’ opponent Republican-backed Roy Moore, grows support even though he is the controversial candidate with an alleged history of sexual misconduct involving teenage girls.

The south loves nothing more than a vegan friendly, save-the-planet progressive like Booker. However, Jones’ lackluster personality called for serious swagger, and the superman himself flew in from Dirty Jersey.

Booker along with former Massachusetts governor, Deval Patrick pushed the “get-out-and-vote’ slogans in predominantly African American communities. In the past, northern politicians entering into Southern politics backfired.

Nonetheless, Jones, who lacks black voter support needs to show that he works on the side of “diversity.” This is a big leap from Republican candidate Roy Moore, a self-described lover of America during slavery.

Rallying Support

Other elected officials who showed support were Alabama’s Rep. Terri A. Sewell and Georgia’s Civil Rights authority, Rep. John Lewis.

Booker’s efforts proved to be effective. For whom, that is up for debate. At Jones’ rallies, the crowd cheered, “Booker 2020” indicating their support for a presidential bid.

In recent revelations by Donna Brazile, former interim Democratic National Chair, she thought to switch presidential candidate Hillary Clinton with Joe Biden with Booker as his running mate.

Photo caption: Doug Jones talks to crowd with Cory Booker supporting. Photo credit: AP Photo/Brynn Anderson

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