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Southern California still fighting wildfires

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From as far south as Oceanside, and now engulfing parts of Santa Barbara, strong winds and dry conditions keep flames leaping large distances in Southern California wildfires.

Reports show hillsides cascading in intense flames along the highways of affluent on the west side of Los Angeles neighborhoods. Since most of the fire burns uncontrollably emergency teams resorted to evacuating neighborhoods.

According to reports, this is the fifth largest fire in history and one of six major fires in California this season. Early estimates of 230,500 acres are in ruin from Ventura to Mentecito and Santa Barbara counties. According to wired, that is the size of New York City and Boston combined.

Untamed Flames

Another remedy to squelch the fires point to the skies. With the use jumbo Boeing jets emergency teams dose burning areas.

Still humidity remains low, firefighters use every resource to tame the tempestuous flames. To bolster efforts, California recruited firefighters from Arizona, Colorado, Idaho, Oregon, Utah and Washington. As of Monday evening, reports says that the fire is 20 percent contained.

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