All American Pai: The FCC’s ‘Manchurian candidate’ leader

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The day before the vote by the Federal Communication Commission (FCC) that decided to repeal net neutrality, its Chairperson, Ajit Pai released a video filled with a satirical skit that mocks the consumer’s use of the Internet.

His awkward jokes fall flat even more, days before when the former Verizon employee quipped at an event that he was a “Verizon puppet” that was installed as FCC chairman like a “‘Manchurian Candidate.’”

As a veteran lawyer who is proficient in communications law, Pai serves on the FCC since his appointment by Barack Obama in 2012. Earlier this year, Donald Trump promoted him to the chair position.

An outspoken critic of net neutrality, Pai, who is a conservative, received immense power after his new position in the FCC, the main media regulator. In a 67-page letter of dissent during the Obama Administration, Pai explained how net neutrality is governmental control.


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