All American Pai: The FCC’s ‘Manchurian candidate’ leader

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Fighting to Save Net Neutrality

Other commissioners take a difference of opinion. Since the repeal, Mignon Clyborn, the only Democrat who sits on the board and a longtime advocate of closing the digital divide, she works to stop FCCs decision

However, Clyborn is not alone in her fight. 17 states plan to sue the FCC regarding its decision citing that the agency removes the ability to hold big telecommunication agencies accountable.

Here are the list of states preparing to sue FCC
• California
• Delaware
• Hawaii
• Illinois
• Iowa
• Kentucky
• Maine
• Maryland
• North Carolina
• Oregon
• Mississippi
• Massachusetts
• Pennsylvania
• Vermont
• Virginia
• Washington

Collateral Damage

As sides prepare for a serious battle, there is an innocent bystander who cannot escape the war—another Ajit Pai who lives in Gao, India. A popular deejay has been on the receiving end of death threats and harassments directed at the other Ajit Pai, who disagrees vehemently with his namesake.

Recalling a similar situation in India, Deejay Pai wants to make sure that the fury and voices are directed to the American Pai.

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