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This holiday, invest in a black woman | Think Piece

Give, Please

Right now, there are women subsisting on their last dollar and dime—from all walks of life and educational backgrounds. I know women who piecemeal side work together and others driving Uber to feed their children.

Most black women entrepreneurs I know create companies to fulfill a need rather than become rich. These women are shea butter batter makers, skin care developing, book writing, app-making hustlers who have tapped every resource to find footing—and often do not make it.

Funding or supporting a business is critical, but only one essential avenue in investing in black women. Volunteering and spreading the word is equally important, as the grapevine or chitlin circuit still is a vital channel.

As well, black women are entering politics and leadership positions in high numbers. Find out their needs, and help.

At this time of high sexual scandals, there needs to be more conversation and support in moving forward in an environment that cannot be dictated by assumptions and mainstream culture. Talk to black women and help them navigate work structures that are often terse labyrinths.

More importantly, investing in a black woman says that you believe in them; and ultimately, their work invests back into you.

Kaia Niambi Shivers covers diaspora, news and features.

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