Gladys Barker Grauer: speaking her mind then and now

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Have you ever met a Queen Mother in flesh and blood? I have.

I even touched the hem of her garments on a balmy fall night in Newark, New Jersey.

The royalty appeared in the form of Gladys Barker Grauer, a prolific African-American artist who turns 95-years-old this year.

Born in Cincinnati, Oh, reared on the South Side of Chicago then migrated to Newark, she uses her art to capture the intricacies of society. Her muse is life.

The inner workings and complexities of social justice, women, and movement oft-times; though she creates what is on her spirit.

Grauer creates so much art that her house overflows with decades of paintings and tapestries. The creator of Newark’s first art gallery, Aard Studio Gallery, Grauer’s work is on exhibition at Gallery Aferro, who will house most of her work.

An overlooked treasure, Grauer honored me with some of her time.

Gary Campbell is an artist who emphasizes developing art purposefully and consciously to change the world we live in.

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