Norwegian Cruise Line under fire for sailing through massive winter storm

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Enjoyment was the furthest thing for passengers aboard Norwegian Cruise Line’s (NCL) Breakaway ship sailing to New York this week from a Caribbean holiday.

Cruise officials sailed through a massive winter blizzard this week creating a harrowing nightmare for the 4,000 passengers and crew members.

On land, the bomb cyclone brought strong erratic winds and dumped inches on parts of the U.S. At sea, the Atlantic churned furious waves that swelled to 30 feet.

The massive ship tossed about like a toy tin can. Water leaked into the boat and staterooms, as the battered ship took on damage in the rough waters. CBS news reports passengers recounting stories of boat that rocked so strongly, people flew across their cabins. Even the most well-cruised travelers vomited from seasickness.

After docking this past weekend, passengers complained about the lack of communication from the cruise’s captain; and trying to figure out, who made the decision to sail in such dangerous sea conditions.

Meanwhile, the cruise line released a statement to passengers planning to travel on the same ship hours after it docked.

    “Due to winter storm Grayson, Norwegian Breakaway will have a delayed arrival into New York today. As a result, Norwegian Breakaway’s 14 day cruise that was originally scheduled to depart on January 5, will now depart on Saturday, January 6, at 3 p.m. Due to the ship’s late arrival today, and the ongoing weather situation, embarking guests are encouraged to arrive to the pier on Saturday morning. All guests must be onboard by 1 p.m. on January 6. Guests unable to adjust their travel are welcome to board on Friday evening between 6 p.m. and 10 p.m. The ship will now sail a slightly adjusted itinerary, which will be communicated to guests onboard. All guests will receive a refund of one day of their cruise fare, in the form of an onboard credit. We sincerely thank our guests for their understanding of this unexpected change due to the weather and apologize to our guests for any disruption to their schedule,” the statement said.

No mention of the issues raised concerns.

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