Activist Erica Garner burial services

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Hundreds of mourners attended the funeral of activist Erica Garner on Monday, January 8. Garner, a 27-year-old-mother-of-two and social activist suffered an asthma attack that triggered a massive heart attack.

Garner threw herself into activism after her father, Eric Garner, died at the hands of New York police officers. From her father’s tragic death, Erica turned into a fearless and relentless advocate. Following her first protest in 2014, Garner has participated in hundreds of events.

From protests to political campaigns, she pressured the consciousness of Americans. She reminded us of the grave injustices in the country.

Even when most media outlets turned their attention somewhere else, Garner remained consistent.

For almost two years, every Tuesday and Thursday, she protested for her father, and others who died at the hands of injustice.

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