Russians use a legal back door to US citizenship, a baby boom in Miami

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This is the type of story that you cannot make up, or even exaggerate because it is so fantastical.

NBC news reports a tourism boom in Russia that arranges for expecting Russian mothers to nest in luxurious hotels until they give birth. Some of the top lodging advertised by Russian agencies is from the Donald Trump brand.

 Because of US citizenship laws, any child born in the US gains citizenship. Russian women fly to the US to birth children for a citizenship so that later, their child can employ it fully. The hope is that one day, the children return to the US and eventually, sponsor their parents for citizenship.

Genius and quite legal, according to the video. Russians are just one of many groups that use this tactic. However, it is the only one to date that is openly celebrated and seen as a birthing vacation.

In 2015, the FBI raided a birthing house that operated under the same principle with only one difference: the expectant mothers were Chinese.

Located in affluent neighborhoods, residents complained about the “maternity hotels.” These similar stories show two different tales in US immigration.

Shithole Countries

For Haitians, Africans and El Savadorans, legal immigration for US President Trump is unwanted.

In a recent think piece in Ark Republic, Patrick Phillips writes,

Then in a January 2018 meeting with lawmakers discussing immigration and TPS for Haitians, Africans and El Salvadorans Trump asked the question,“Why are we having all these people from shithole countries come here?”

While other immigrants are profiled and represented negatively in the immigration debate, some groups are totally left out of unwanted attention — like white immigrants. On the other hand, Asians, and more so East Asians bear the brunt of the “model minority.”

For Russian women, giving birth to a child who receives all the privileges of American citizenship is a responsible and honorable act of love from a mom. If it were a Mexican, they are deemed as exploiting resources.

Ironically, Puerto Ricans still do not enjoy full citizenship.

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