High visibility, low probability: Oprah’s name carries weight, but POTUS might not be a life goal

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I don’t think that Oprah Winfrey will run because she respects the process of government and knows that it is not her lane.

But her endorsement carries a lot of weight. 

Remember, she was an early supporter of Barack Obama before it was obvious that he was a great choice. And, she has a reputation for wanting the best for everyone. So, while I don’t think that she will run, her support will mean a lot to any candidate.

Neither Shirley Chisholm nor Cynthia McKinney were very serious contenders as far as their probability of winning was concerned, but a Michelle Obama could be a different story even though she has never served in elected office either. Right now, I don’t see that Kamala Harris has enough name recognition, yet, but her national visibility is building.

But, yes, Oprah’s fantastic 2018 Golden Globes speech has sparked a conversation and struck a chord of hope. And, to be honest, Oprah would have a better shot than anyone else because she has the advantage of being known, loved and respected. If Oprah turns out to be the only way to prevent a Trump second term, then, yes, Oprah, for the love of country, please run and win.

Ronda Racha Penrice, Atlanta-based freelance journalist and author of
African American History For Dummies.

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