Koch network and Trump are bedfellows again

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A network of donors founded by billionaires Charles Francis de Ganahl and David Koch expressed their approval of Donald Trump at a gathering this weekend in Palm Springs, California.

With tax cuts staving off $1.5 trillion, the Koch brothers and followers, once reticent of Trump’s ability to influence policy, now welcome his leadership.

Prior to this reunion of economic bedfellows, the brothers, some of the richest in the world, did not support Trump’s presidential bid nor did they agree with his stance on immigration, infrastructure and trade while in office.

David Koch said Trump’s Muslim ban resembled Adolf Hitler’s discrimination in Nazi Germany. Encouraging others in his conservative collective of rich folk to hold their purse strings, David Koch et al., rather poured millions into several dozen activists.

News sources say that Koch donors praised Trump’s new immigration plan showing concessions for both political parties. However, the issue is still a stalemate.

The Widening Gap of Wealth

According to Oxfam, the divide in wealth grows astronomically. Reports say the richest 42 people in the world are wealthier than the poorest half of the world. In another light, only 1 percent of the population holds 82 percent of the world’s wealth created last year.

To add to gap, the release of the Paradise Papers in 2017, showed how the rich and their organizations hide their money in a number of offshore accounts to evade paying taxes that in the United States, are now designed to serve the rich even more. Wealth inequality maintains control of a small number of families.

The Koch brothers are sons of Fred Koch who made his money building oil refineries for people like Hitler and Joseph Stalin. Inheriting an oil baron dynasty, over the years, they have made concerted efforts to influence both politics, public policy and media.

Pouring hundreds of millions of dollars into organizations, educational institutes, campaigns and campaigners, the Koch’s hold the private meeting annually in which they gave the nod to the POTUS. Thawing relations between Trump and Koch show that their investments are working.

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