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A rare moon triad shows super blue blood moon

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In a rare event last seen 152 years ago, three phenomenon occurred with the moon between Tuesday night and culminated today, on Wednesday morning, Eastern Standard Time.

A Super Blue Blood moon awed spectators who witnessed a supermoon, a blue moon and a total lunar eclipse causing a blood moon. During the event, a blue glow rimmed the moon giving it a heavenly aura for several minutes before sunrise, according to Ark Republic news team in New Jersey.

A supermoon occurs when the moon is at its closet point to earth and appears to be extraordinarily large, as if it sits next to the earth. According to NASA, the supermoon, known as perigee, looked 14% to 30% brighter than a normal full moon that is farthest from Earth.

A blue moon is when the color of the moon appears to be bluish grey, but a blood moon occurs when the sun, earth and moon align creating a lunar eclipse. At the point in which the whole moon enters Earth’s shadow, it casts a shadow on the moon creating a red tinge.

Moon Cultures

There are deeper meanings to moons in ancient cultures.

Alfred Burdon Ellis’ work on the Yoruba-speaking people of West Africa discovered that they observed new moons as a day of Sabbath. The new moon was a way to measure time, and conduct spiritual and important affairs of the nation. Ceremonies were held and usually people did not work.

Amongst Native nations in the Americas, the moon represents the cyclical way in which life occurs. Native tradition is matriarchal, and the moon connects to a woman’s menstrual cycle. During this time rituals focusing on renewal, healing, purification and inner reflection are performed.

For the Hindu in India, on a new full moon, a special bathing ceremony takes place on Purnima, weeks before the Rath Yatra, a festival which commemorates certain Hindu deities.

In Australia, the Aboriginal peoples hold ceremonies during full moons to honor the moon’s cycles and its connection to Earth’s waters. In particular, they honor women’s linkages to water and cycles.

Unfortunately, for modern times, law enforcement across the world report a spike in crimes and violence during full and new moons.

Sky Gazing

2018 will be a near of a series of celestial phenomenon. Later in the year, stargazers expect to see two meteor showers and the planet Mars appear closer and larger.

In a rare occurrence, the Super Blue Blood moon was the second full moon for January, and the first celestial event for 2018. Investing in a telescope might be worth it this year.

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