‘Only in L.A.’ explores the extensive public transportation system of Los Angeles

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Los Angeles holds close to 4 million people and covers 468 square miles.

It sits in LA County, which holds 88 municipalities and covers ten times more terrain, about 4,750 square miles. While the city holds 3,976,322 people, the county’s population as of 2017 bumped up to 10 million inhabitants. Just how does a population of 10 million navigate the cityscapes of the Southern California basin?

Of course cars are a staple in the landscape. But, if everyone had a car then traffic would be worse than it is now. So, how do locals get around? Other than the cyclists and walkers, there is the trusted public transportation system, the Metro Transit Authority.

Many people do not know or often confuse the City of Los Angeles and the County of Los Angeles. The city is the heartbeat of LA County, which holds 88 municipalities and covers ten times more terrain.

The make up of the city is the oldest part of the urban area and the commercial center of the region that includes Downtown Los Angeles and an urban sprawl with districts and distinctive neighborhoods.

The best way to see how the urban changes to suburban to seaside communities is through the extensive bus system and growing rail system. Roll with Only in LA to get a glimpse of how we roll.

Matito Ki’Abayomi travels throughout Los Angeles to explore the nooks and crannies of the city.

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