Welcome to a botanica: a priestess explains an African traditional spiritual system

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Yeyeo Botanica is narrow shop shaped like a railroad car that is quietly tucked between a women’s store and stationary depot that burns incense and plays house music all day.

All day, people walk-in-and-out, leaving with bags of botanical items from soap to stones to feather. In the front, you might be greeted by Elemi Gayle’s clerk, a woman who has as many stories as her vivacious personality. In the back, on some days, you catch a glimpse of the owner, Gayle, who often is consulting someone or checking inventory.

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The only botanica in Downtown Newark, Gayle attracts curious folk and those who are well-adept in practicing various spiritual systems.

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  1. Great video! I lived in Newark for a while and didn’t even know about Yeyeo until I moved to DC and began my journey in Yoruba. Learning from her is fun ans insightful. And her store makes you feel right at home and you leave feeling empowered. I always pray for the increased success of Yeyeo Botanica and Priestess Elemi!

  2. Beautiful video. I have not met with Ms. Elemi yet, but spoke to her on phone. I was so pleased talking to her as she told me the whole truth which I have not heard in all my years of struggling. I pray her Botanica goes worldwide. You are very sweet and blessed Ms. Elemi♥️♥️🌹

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