CDC epidemiologist claimed flu shot caused deadly influenza outbreak, goes missing weeks later

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Shortly after a high ranking CDC researcher discloses his concerns with the flu vaccine, he vanishes without a trace.

In December, Timothy Cunningham, an epidemiologist at the Chamble, Ga. office of the Center for Disease Control (CDC), told reporters at Your News Wire that he believed that the annual flu shots were related to the respiratory outbreak that has killed thousands in the past months.

Then on February 12, he left work early due to feeling sick, and has not been seen since. Family and friends have frantically searched for the 35-year-old, but it seems that he simply vanished.

A Morehouse and Harvard graduate who assessed epidemic outbreaks such as the ebola virus, Cunningham granted an interview with Your News Wire about the influenza outbreak on conditions of anonymity. CDC employees are forbidden to talk about the agency’s work, so Cunningham’s interview violated their policy.

Described as an outgoing, upstanding doctor, in his talks, he said that the people dying were those who took the flu vaccine. Even some of his patients passed away.

According to Your News Wire, he asked that his name be revealed if something were to happen to him. Reports say that is information could get him fired, or lead to a worse fate.

A $10,000 reward is offered to find out about Cunningham’s whereabouts.

|Read the update on Timothy Cunningham, who was found in a river by his home.

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