Iciline Brown: Windrush Generation Story | Film Doc


A family of siblings document the journey of fighting for their immigrant mother, Iciline Brown, to gain reentry into the UK, in which she used to reside as a legal resident.

The documentary shows how a family advocates for their mother within a growing xenophobic UK immersed in a Brexit climate that works to oust people of color, members of the African diaspora, and those who worked to restore the British Empire after it suffered significant damage from world wars.

The documentary continues the complicated discussion of immigration in former colonial nations and post-slavery countries, while showing the parallels of the UK and US.

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Monica D. Brown is a UK-based teaching fellow, media specialist, poet and training consultant. Studying in the UK and Paris, she is the first producer of the longest running TV programs, Hill an’ Gully Ride, which is still on the air. Selected by the BBC in 2007, to explore her family history took her to Zanzibar and Tanzania, which is chronicled in her book, Journey to Zanzibar. Currently, she teaches media production and English and also operates as a consultant.



  1. I fully support the application for Mrs Iciline Brown to re-enter the UNITED KINGDOM where she previously lived with her late husband and worked. In addition, all her children were born in the UK and are back living and working here. In my opinion, Mrs Brown should be allowed re entry to the UK as she a Windrush generation to be with her children.

  2. Why are families being separated? God’s plan was forfamiles to be together. Where there’s unity, there is strength. At Mrs. Brown’s age, she need to be with her children to have their support and love, after working so hard for so many years to help them achieve what they have accomplished. Please give her back what’s rightfully hers.

  3. Judith
    Thanks for your support. This is an arduous process and in spite of government pronouncements, the compensation scheme is neither simple nor straightforward. My sense is this is intentional. We continue to press the Home Office for mother’s documentation through our very supportive Member of Parliament, Matt Western.

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