iLucha Sí: Fight for public education in Puerto Rico | Film Documentary

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An excerpt from the documentary, “iLucha Sí,” filmed by award-winning documentarian, Jennifer Wager, follows the fight over the control of Puerto Rico’s educational system following the island’s recovery from the devastation experienced by Hurricane Irma and Maria.

Now on a slow mend, education has been targeted with the ongoing austerity measures to address Puerto Rico’s grave economic issues.

The answer for the government is to privatize schools by shutting down public institutions then replacing them with charter academies. The teachers and parents in Puerto Rico voice dissent and are in a fight for their children’s lives. Watch the journey of grassroots efforts throughout the island that include multiple unions, activists, parents and students.

You can see the whole film at the Newark International Film Festival from September 5-9, 2017.

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Jennifer Wager is a filmmaker and documentarian. Her film, Dare to Dream, is an award winning documentary about Cuba’s Latin American Medical School, the largest scholarship based medical school in the world. She also is a communications professor and director communications at an NJ college and is the director of film submissions for Newark International Film Festival. The story is part of the Ark Republic’s inaugural major collaborative project, the Hurricane Trifiecta: One Year Later.

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