Luxuriating in the mess: The desensitized reality of tourists locale in regions devastated by Hurricanes Harvey, Maria and Irma | Podcast

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In this special podcast by “The Night Drive,” with host Nobi DeLon, the discussion between four world-traveling panelists focused on the aftermath of Hurricanes Harvey, Irma and Maria, and how vacationers can hold some accountability in rebuilding areas devastated by natural disasters. This dialogue asks, “How can tourists reconsider being a responsible traveler?”

Pulling from panelists who are well-traveled and knowledgeable about areas impacted by last year’s major storms, the conversation examines questions about travel and tourist areas, especially when the regions are low-wealth and depend heavily on tourism.

An unusual spin, as we navigated the course of our conversation, required that we reconsider what it means to be a responsible traveler? We challenged tourist accountability and were transparent about vacation guilt. A resource list for listeners interested in reimagining vacationing and community service in Puerto Rico is being generated by Pia Love and Charlotte LaRoja.


Desiree Wilson

Corporate Trainer

Desiree Wilson is a corporate trainer touching on every aspect of her business – with much gratitude and pleasure – by elevating safety awareness, ensuring product quality and consistency, nurturing strong leadership, connecting with communities, and promoting growth opportunities and innovation within her organization.

Currently on location in Atlanta, her frequent travel throughout the south allowed Wilson to see the real-live devastation of Hurricane Harvey to the local community.


Pia Love

Filmmaker and choreographer

Considered a dancing shaman, Pia Love is a gypsy who lives life soulfully through music, movement, and inspired travel. Her deep desire to be immersed in cultural experiences – as varied as possible –  has created countless opportunities for her to continuously travel and explore as much of this beautiful, gracious world we are so fortunate to occupy. Interest in her adventures has led Pia to her another role as a curator of magical moments for others as well. She continues to share her love of dancing and wellness though these mini excursions to carefully hand selected havens around the globe.

Charlotte Gossett Navarro

Organizer, social worker and advocate

Charlotte Gossett Navarro is an advocacy, policy, coalition, and  community building specialist.  The activist’s recent permanent relocation to Puerto Rico to assist with post Hurricane Harvey disaster relief, has given her a direct look at exactly what our fellow American citizens need…now.

Navarro says, “…there is still so much to do and Puerto Rico needs us here for the long haul. Its recovery will be our legacy, and I’m glad we’re standing together.”


Daniel Jackson

Filmmaker and photographer

Daniel Jackson is a freelance videographer, photographer and owner of Embassy: Interactive, LLC.

Some of his work has been printed in the Philadelphia Inquirer and viewed on TV networks such as VH1 and ESPN, clothing designer Christian Louboutin’s Instagram account, the Blackstar Film Festival, the African American Museum in Philadelphia, and websites including, Yahoo! Sports, All Def Digital,, and


Music credit. Introduction – “Rockets” by Lion Babe (Ceddy Crocker Exclusive Remix for The Night Drive); and “The Light of the Sun” (Bonus Track) by Jill Scott

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Nobi DeLon is a NJ based content creator, writer, educator, DJ, and radio personality obsessed with vintage Black glamour, hip hop, good conversation, reading, self-lovery, and hope. Always evolving, this proud mama of three considers herself most fearless when she is being creative behind a pen, podium or set of turntables. Oh, the soulful places you’ll go when you connect with Nobi by following her Instagram and her radio show, The Night Drive – @nightdriveradio

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