Dr. King sanctified not sanitized | Podcast

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“The Night Drive” talks to panel that explores King as an ancestor with a complex and powerful legacy.

To explore Reverend Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. for the revolutionary spirit he embodied, our guests recall the acts of resistance that colored the complex American leader’s journey to a haloed icon status.

Liberal, exceptional, radical and charismatic—the brilliant theologian has been labeled it all and more by examiners of his transformative platform. The Night Drive’s dialogue highlights his position within a dynamic American Civil Rights movement and how his work reverberated throughout the world. Discussants of the podcast celebrate King’s roots in the traditional Black Church while denouncing the scrubbed-clean summary of his life that is now distributed to the masses and reclaim him as a powerful ancestor of the diaspora.

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Nobi De Lon and Embassy: Interactive

Nobi DeLon is a NJ based content creator, writer, educator, DJ, and radio personality obsessed with vintage Black glamour, hip hop, good conversation, reading, self-lovery, and hope. Always evolving, this proud mama of three considers herself most fearless when she is being creative behind a pen, podium or set of turntables. Oh, the soulful places you’ll go when you connect with Nobi by following her Instagram and her radio show, The Night Drive – @nightdriveradio

Daniel Jackson is a freelance videographer, photographer and owner of Embassy: Interactive, LLC. Some of his work has been printed in the Philadelphia Inquirer and viewed on TV networks such as VH1 and ESPN, clothing designer Christian Louboutin’s Instagram account, the Blackstar Film Festival, the African American Museum in Philadelphia, and websites including HBO.com, Yahoo! Sports, All Def Digital, SoulTrain.com, Okayplayer.com and Philly.com

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