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‘Say word’: Poetry, prose and spoken word comes to Ark Republic’s Ark Weekender


Welcome to our first post dedicated to the litany of contributors who offer their view of the world via poems. An Ark Weekender original, this section opens its poetry book to show you the creative voices of people around the world.

We pair our poetry with a thematic art. Our first theme uses the “all-seeing-eye” in red captures poems that explore experiences, ideas and issues voiced with intense passion. From unrequited love to Bangladesh then back to Black Girl Magic, these poems are intense declarations of freedom, fierceness and vulnerability.

Sweet Words & Vodka

We talked on a full moon
The tides pulling us closer
We met at the perfect moment to be
With the moon pulling our hearts like the ocean

I gravitate towards the raw emotions pouring into me like water into the empty glass,

Filling my heart with affection and gratitude

Karma came good, the man upstairs took his time crafting you
With the lust rising to new altitude
Higher and higher the desire climbs
Dreaming of the day you can be mine
How deep is the ocean?
How deep can our affection go?
Is there any known depth of love?
I’ve learned to love and I’ve even learned to hate people words

But you have taught me to connect with words once again, felt the truth within your tongue

No hollow words aren’t formed by you
Ironic how your words leave me short of breath but no I don’t gasp for air

Because your words are life itself.
Wanting to kiss you in the rain like the perfect movie scene

Feeling the atmosphere around us
Our eyes lock with and our lips shut
No words, no fears, just our feelings and heartstrings being tied

Two people from different world finding each other, two souls finding a special bond, what We found is a rare compassion

Penned by Laquell Coleman

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