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Dear Black Girl

Dear Black Girl, you did that.

Not everyone appreciates your swag
So wave your flag
Go’ head and brag
They all copying it anyway.

One time for the Black Girls
Nubian queens
Curve after curveball of chocolate heaven
And without assistance.
She was born with it
No question

Black Girl
You’ve got something different
Undiluted Black Girl Magic
And I’m sorry
If anyone has ever told you otherwise.

The beauty of a Black Girl
Is America’s best kept secret
“Boxer Braids” and booty trickery
And DIY “twist and rip” tumblr pages
When Black Girls been doing this shit for ages

You are the backbone of the human race
The sky and the stars
The Violas, the Cicily’s, and the Queen B’s
You have the right, and the ability
To write your own story.
You are a goddess, a force.

Step into it

Bathe in the glory that is your chocolate
And let magic soak into your skin
Like liquid gold
Let it shimmer and shine
A reminder
To witness even the essence of you is gift

Step into it

And for anyone who has ever tried to stop you
To put you in a box
To shut you up
To tell you that your presence alone should be apologized for

Remember this.
Every curl
Every curve
Every bump and every lump
Every scar and every mark
Every thing out of place
Everything that is you
Is worthy of praise

And Black girl,
Go ‘head!

Penned by a poem by Jay Délise

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