The Night Drive talks education leadership and saving lives with Dr. Gemar Mills

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The Night Drive (TND) with Nobi De Lon and Embassy get enlightened on how to save lives through education in their interview with Gemar Mills, the executive director of College Achieve Paterson Charter School.

Mills emerged as a leader in education when he turned around Malcom X Shabazz High School in Newark, New Jersey.

Quickly rising in public school education as math teacher, at 28, Mills took the head mantle as principal of Shabazz High School. At the time, it was the most underperforming school in Newark. Eleven years later, the high school is the complete opposite of what is was when Mills walked through its doors years ago.

Since, Mills has added a Dr. to his name and has returned to his home city of Patterson to prepare students to get into the top colleges of the country.

On the TND, Mills talks about his journey and why he is committed to educating the youth no matter the odds.

Nobi De Lon and Embassy: Interactiv

Nobi DeLon is a NJ based content creator, writer, educator, DJ, and radio personality obsessed with vintage Black glamour, hip hop, good conversation, reading, self-lovery, and hope. Always evolving, this proud mama of three considers herself most fearless when she is being creative behind a pen, podium or set of turntables. Oh, the soulful places you’ll go when you connect with Nobi by following her Instagram and her radio show, The Night Drive – @nightdriveradio

Daniel Jackson is a freelance videographer, photographer and owner of Embassy: Interactive, LLC. Some of his work has been printed in the Philadelphia Inquirer and viewed on TV networks such as VH1 and ESPN, clothing designer Christian Louboutin’s Instagram account, the Blackstar Film Festival, the African American Museum in Philadelphia, and websites including, Yahoo! Sports, All Def Digital,, and

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