UrAvgConsumer settles the score between Apple and Samsung with an ear candy showdown | Tech Talk

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Judner Aura of UrAvgConsumer, referees the battle royale between Pods and Buds in the Apple versus Samsung ear candy showdown.

UrAvgConsumer, a highly popular tech review Youtube channel started by Aura offers reviews and opinions on the latest gadgets, accessories, smart devices and all-things-tech. Recently, UrAvgConsumer teams up with Ark Republic to feature their shows. In a feature on Madame Noir, Aura says, “You know, having an influence on technology and people’s purchasing decisions, it’s something I take seriously . . . on my end to make sure people know what they’re getting and walk away with the right expectations.”

Aura started reviewing tech in college. Over time, his show has become one of the most watched and trusted reviewers on Youtube. A bootstrapped business, the Brooklyn-native has expanded his team and his traveling the world digging into car show rooms and consumer tech shows.

Judner Aura of UrAvgConsumer

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