The Artist Recreates the World series chats with photographer Ryan Arnez Monroe | Street Art Podcast


In 2018, Brooklyn-based photographer, Ryan Arnez Monroe sold his modest-sized digs then moved to Newark. Since, he has been in reinvention mode in Newark’s ongoing revitalization.

Street podcaster, Gary Thutmose Campbell stops by the newly, Newark-established RyArMo Photography Studio located at 74 Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Blvd.

It’s founder, Monroe talks about his decision to relocate and his views on how art transforms communities on one hand. In other ways, creatives can be transformed if they work within community, more particularly, the community of artists. Says Monroe. “I will challenge us as artists who are here, established or new, to challenge those organizations [that support artists] to do a little bit more for us, but also hold their fee to the fire . . . to list the top things that matter the most then let’s rally around them in mass.”

Monroe is part  of the growing tribe of artists in a city just a 20 minute train ride to Manhattan that begins to absorb migrants moving to a cheaper and less busy lifestyle. One of Newark’s legacy is its art scene. As artists who’ve been here dig into their roots, new artists like Monroe find where they will re-root themselves. RayArMo offers an array of digital photography services and rents out its studio to other creatives and for events.

Here are some things Monroe says on art and Newark:

  1. Art is a way of expressing yourself in a cruel world.
  2. Art is a way of stating your individuality.
  3. Art can unify multiple people in different ways.
  4. Do not be afraid to ask and collaborate.
  5. Stop waiting on anyone to give you anything. Go out there and create.
  6. Newark is magical. Be willing and daring to create from scratch.
  7. Growth and change are inevitable and okay.
  8. The greatest things in the world

Are you an artist who wants their story to be told? Contact Thutmose so you two can explore the complex and beautiful world of art.

Gary Campbell is an artist interested in developing art purposefully and consciously to change the world we live in. With a growing repository of interviews with artists in the NYC area, his interviews are an extension of his artistic mind as they are often in situ and impromptu.

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