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Judner Aura of UrAvgConsumer, and his partner, Ari, start to build their smart home by teching out their kitchen.

Ari called the shots and Judner listened when they decided to upgrade their kitchen to an oasis for the technophile. For the project, the main idea was to create a tech ecosystem that fit their lifestyle which also had to blend into the modern decor of their cookery.

By connecting all of the devices to their smartphone, the Auras control cleverly designed gadgets and appliances with swipes, voice commands and button presses. From setting the ambiance with a playlist embedded in a home sound system to regulating the temperature of a fully loaded double oven are just some of the features of the smart kitchen. They admitted that a tech-gasm was a smart screen hitched onto a refrigerator. Simple component on the outside, the smart screen became a great addition for the busy Black millennials who make grocery runs by using the cameras inside their icebox.

To top it off, the Auras even have a smart toaster and wait a minute, a smart cutting board. To keep a minimalist flow, they add a trash can outfitted with nanotechnology that comes with voice and motion sensors. Now, after their tour, all they have to do is cook.

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