Audi takes a step in self-driving cars with its e-tron electrical car | Tech Talk

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Riding in the new Audi e-tron, its latest electrical SUV, Judner Aura gives the details on his test drive in the hilly terrain of Malaga, Spain.

Aura of Uravgconsumer does more than take an average car on a typical spin. While whipping through the curves of Southern Spain he tests a luxury car that Audi claims has a range of uses. As Aura melts into leather seats and navigates with three screens, he talks about the experience in the high luxury, smart vehicle.

To increase his experience, he goes to the Ascari Race Resort to test the SUV off-road. To show tech features, he drives down a steep hill while the car self-brakes to show the future of self-driving automobiles. Next, he jumps on the race track to satisfy his speed cravings. His road partner, Ari, holds on tight. Overall, he shows the diversity of car that can handle rough terrain to smooth roads.

Judner Aura of UrAvgConsumer

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