Mixtapes, murals and memorials: LA stopped to pay their respects to a king | Photo Story

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He was cool like Snoop
Had a hustle like Jay Z
And was a revolutionary like ‘Pac.

Altars, memorials and murals of Nipsey Hussle continue to paint Los Angeles with the memory and celebration of someone we saw grow up in our eyes. To me, he was one of the best examples of a Black man in a long time.

He was a king. He was royalty. He took care of his queen. He made his money. And he loved his people. He put people on. He came from us. He never forgot us. He is making us grow and really look at ourselves.

Today’s funeral and procession was probably the largest services of its kind that the city experienced. Starting at 10 am with a 5-hour service at Staples center, a venue where the Los Angeles Lakers and Clippers, play, it made sense because Nip was a basketball fan and would often go to games.

Following the funeral, the city blocked off main streets so that the procession could travel 25 miles through Black communities mostly. But, people from every race and ethnicity, and those who came from out of town and even the country, paid their respects next to celebrants dancing and bumping his music. By the end, it was 7PM, the city slowly went back to its Thursday night crawl, but the energy is different in the city. We need to keep this going.

It was a Black power, Los Angeles had not seen before or in a long time. Truth is, we really needed it. Although, the city mourns for him, he brought us back to community. We need to love each other more. Love each other like we give him respect.

Mural by The Marathon Clothing
The shrine in front of The Marathon Clothing would be longer than two or three blocks if nightly crews did not clean it up.
Altar to Nipsey Hussle in front of The Marathon Clothing
Altar to Nipsey Hussle in front of The Marathon Clothing shows a mixture of religion, Black gang culture and Latino culture.
Car turned to public display
Dedications to Nipsey Husstle
Mural by The Marathon Clothing
Mural dedication to Nipsey is one of many by noted artists.
Outdoor wall art of Nipsey Hussle
Christina Marie and Belinda Addo contributed to photos
Feature picture is the digital installation by Benedict Hadley of Kikrox
Matito Ki’Abayomi travels throughout Los Angeles to explore the nooks and crannies of the city.

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