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Debuting Ark Republic’s first comic strip, Matthew Gamble’s “The World is a Gamble” covers the blurred awareness of cannabis, hemp, CBD and THC.

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Matthew Gamble is a journalist and illustrator who covers the NYC area.D

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    • Matthew Gamble’s comic strip, “The World is a Gamble,” offers a playful yet thought-provoking exploration of the complexities surrounding cannabis, hemp, CBD, and THC. Through his artful storytelling, Gamble brings attention to the blurred lines and misconceptions often associated with these substances, inviting readers to reflect on their own awareness and understanding. By shedding light on this topic in a creative and engaging way, Gamble contributes to the ongoing conversation about cannabis legalization and its impact on society. His work serves as a reminder of the importance of open dialogue and informed decision-making when it comes to navigating the world of cannabis. Well done, Matthew Gamble, for using your talents to spark meaningful conversations and promote awareness on this important issue.

  1. Matthew Gamble’s comic strip “The World is a Gamble” provides a creative and engaging exploration of the complexities surrounding cannabis, hemp, CBD, and THC. Through witty illustrations and clever storytelling, Gamble sheds light on the blurred perceptions and varied opinions surrounding these substances. As a reader, I found the comic to be both entertaining and informative, offering a fresh perspective on a topic that is often shrouded in confusion and controversy. Gamble’s work has helped me better understand the nuances of cannabis legalization and its implications, all while keeping me thoroughly entertained.

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