Buenos Aires, Federal Capital, Argentina. 30th Apr, 2019. Argentine protester who supports NicolA¡s Maduro's government mocks Venezuelan migrants who work in the bicycle delivery system and who concentrated in the Venezuelan embassy in Buenos Aires, Argentina to express their support for Venezuelan political leaders Juan GuaidA and Lepoldo Lopez. Credit: Roberto Almeida Aveledo/ZUMA Wire/Alamy Live News

Venezuelan president Nicolás Maduro stays in power after failed coup attempt by Trump Administration-backed Juan Guaidó

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The Trump Administration remains largely silent about the failed coup in Venezuela last week. After days of bloody battles and tense negotiations, the current president, Nicolás Maduro, remains in office.

His fiercest opponent, the US-backed, Juan Guaidó, who led the coup, is licking his wounds, but remains defiant.

The coup, named Operación Libertad, was supposed to have the support of top ranking members of the Maduro Administration, along with a bloc of Venezuelan military who turned their loyalties to Guaidó and his jailed mentor, Leopoldo López.

However, Maduro’s lawmakers in discussion with López turned out to be feigned turncoats. When Maduro opposition and López, who is under house arrest for 13 years for arson and conspiracy charges, discovered that their plans had been foiled, they launched the coup a day earlier than planned.

The height of the standoff was at a bridge on the way to La Carlota airbase, where protestors were intertwined between military forces.

A short-lived revolución

In the early hours of the coup attempt, the US, Brazil, Colombia, Chile and the European Parliament and individual political officials, announced their support. Some soldiers defected to Guaidó forces, while others left for Brazil. A last ditch effort by Guaidó, was to march hundreds of thousands Venezuelans to rally in the capital. However, it turned out to be several thousand.

A report by Venezuela Analysis detailed that Madura readied a plane to flee to Cuba, but was convinced to stay by Russian officials.

With the lack of soldier and citizen support, the coup flatlined. According to Fred Watson of Marxist.com, it is the attempt by outside Western powers to disrupt Venezuelan political affairs that is met with the most resistance by Venezuelans rather than side with Maduro.

US President Donald Trump, along with 60 other countries support Guaidó, while Russia, Turkey and China back Maduro. Mexico, the most powerful Latin American country, takes the position that Venezuela should work out their internal issues using the democratic system they elected.

Guaidó was not jailed and continues to hold rallies throughout the country against Maduro.

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