Hypertension is the top chronic disease, yet and still, remains a silent killer | Podcast

Today’s topic is health, specifically looking at hypertension a common illness that silently impacts millions.

In light of the recent passing of iconic filmmaker John Singleton, Ark Republic talks about hypertension with Belinda Addo, an advanced nurse practitioner  and practice manager for Perris Community Urgent Care. She also serves as the medical provider for the clinic that is located in the suburban Los Angeles community of Perris, California. As well, Addo is founder of Global Health Initiative a non profit offering free medical care to communities in developing countries.

Belinda Addo (rt) talks to Ark Republic about hypertension

From the symptoms of hypertension, to understanding why men find difficulty of managing the disease, we talk about the illness in the  US Black community, as well as in Ghana. Then we go to Addo’s work in the Republic of the Philippines and back to Latinx Los Angeles residents. Addo shares insight and tips on overcoming the silent killer.

Duane Reed researches currency and market investments; and dibble dabbles in news.

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