“I’m pregnant” yells Pamela Turner right before Baytown police officer tasers then shoots her to death

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After speaking to local activist, Kofi Taharka, of Houston’s National Black United Front, there are emerging facts about the recent police shooting of Pamela Turner.

Taharka and a team of NBUF members spoke to residents where the incident took place on Wednesday. Their on-the-ground details report residents as upset and deeply shaken by the violent incident. Along with them seeing her body sit outside for hours before being taken by the coroners. Now, at the site, a memorial stands.

Here are 10 things to know about the shooting of Pamela Turner

1. Turner was a 44-year-old resident at Brixton, an apartment complex in Baytown, a suburb of Houston that is about a 30-minute drive away. Also, Baytown is one of the many suburbs fueled by Texas’ oil industry.

2. The community comprises of a significant number of people of color, mainly Black and Latino.

3. The complex holds low wealth residents and those who receive subsidies such as Section 8 vouchers.

4. Turner was known in the community to deal with mental health issues in which her personality and interactions with others were polarizing. Some days she was nice, others she was belligerent, but everyone knew that she was not well.

5. Her regular day was walking her modest-sized house dog.

6. The officer’s name involved in the shooting is Juan Manuel Delacruz. He is said to either live in the complex, or at the very least, frequent it.

7. Delacruz knew Turner beforehand, and her mental health issues.

8. It is highly likely that Turner was not pregnant, as relatives state they believe that she was not. 

9. There is a history of police surveillance and harassment of residents.

10. Local authorities are searching for the person who recorded the video. Stay woke homie.

*The family of Pamela Turner ask that all media use this photo of her rather than the mugshot that mainstream media has been streaming constantly. *Although Turner has a history with arrests, it is most likely due to her mental health.

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