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UrAvgconsumer shares the latest tech and accessories for a sweet summer kickoff. In the twenty-third unboxing for Judner Aura and his partner Arie, the unveiling shows devices appealing to the minimalist techie and the hardcore collector.

In the mountain of packages, Aura unboxes throwbacks such as the Nixie tube clock. A diehard gamer, he looks at the specs to an Xbox Wireless Controller, as well as, a customizable gaming controller by Astro and Gundams to whet your fandom appetites.

His unveiling includes variations of speakers—from Skull Candy’s wireless earbuds to Sony’s WH-XB700 wireless extra bass headphones for the kick, boom, bap. Both can be charged at the Qi Wireless charging headphone stand.

For more sound, Aura unpacks the LG XBOOM Go PK7 with meridian technology that allows you to listen to music at high volumes without sound distortion.

To top it off, he reviews the new Vizio P-Series Quantum 65″ 4k smart TV. The screen has a built in chrxomecast, Amazon Alexa and Google Voice. Vizio’s new HK edition comes with displays giving more colors and vivid coloring.

Judner Aura is creator of UrAvgConsumer

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