Win, lose or draw: Tezlyn Figaro files lawsuit against Our Revolution, says Black operatives faced issues during Bernie Sanders 2016 presidential bid | Watch

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Political and communication strategist, Tezlyn Figaro once served as National Director of Justice for the Bernie Sanders 2016 presidential campaign. In 2018, she says she was fired from Sanders surrogate organization, Our Revolution, for her staunch African American advocacy. Now she sues for wrongful termination and racial discrimination.

With a history of social justice and economic activism, Figaro joined the Sanders campaign to help mobilize Black people. According to the US veteran and news commentator, she along with many Black team members and even surrogates expressed concern when they saw Sanders refusal to adequately address race, and in particular the concerns of African Americans.

Washington DC – May 13, 2019: Senator Bernie Sanders and Representative Alexandria Ocasio Cortez speak about the importance of a Green New Deal at a town hall organized by the Sunrise Movement. Photo credit: Rachel Warriner

After she began to work at Our Revolution, an organization that emerged out of the Sanders campaign, she was met with more hostility for her focus on Black issues. Some staffers, publicly expressed discomfort for Figaro’s position on immigration by citing a Figaro Tweet posted years earlier. Suddenly, her pro-African American stance was deemed as anti-immigrant. Figaro says she was booted from Our Revolution without the opportunity to address the concerns of her colleagues. Now she fights to clear her name.

Since speaking about her Equal Employment Opportunity claim, Figaro has been providing an extensive list of instances and documentation to back up her claims.

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