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Uravgconsumer just finished immersing themselves in Apple products at the tech company’s annual Worldwide Developers Conference. After geeking out on the latest features, they have much to review on new iPhone, iPad and Mac tech.

From privacy options to sharing music without having to listen through someone’s wax-filled earplugs, the super tech couple, Judner and Ari Aura, give the details and specs on the latest Apple devices. More over, Judner provides some clarity in Apple’s iPhone roll out, and a Macbook that will be making its way to the public soon.

For Judner, it’s the IOS 13 features that enhance Apple tech that makes him “super pumped” and “pretty insane.” On the other hand, changing emoji’s to your own face  speaks to Ari. In the often contested discussion of image misrepresentation plaguing the emoji world, creating selfie cartoon emojis ups the ante in digital life.

Judner Aura is creator of UrAvgConsumer

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